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Transport Initiatives
Office 4, 145 Islingword Rd
Brighton BN2 9SH

Phone: 0845 345 7623
Mobile: 07725 466840

Twitter: @transportinit

Welcome to Transport Initiatives!

Transport Initiatives LLP is an independent transport planning consultancy, formed in 2005. Our four members all have strong in-depth knowledge of sustainable transport in general and cycling in particular.

We specialise in innovative ways of developing and promoting sustainable transport options, covering every step from initial strategies and audits to managing implementation and monitoring outcomes. Our clients include local authorities, national parks, development bodies, Government Departments, train operators and anyone else requiring practical and achievable sustainable transport solutions.

The Transport Initiatives team mainly developed their skills working in or for local authorities. They contributed to the work of Cycling England between 2005 and 2010. Our team are internationally recognised as being experts in their field.

Bus to the Waterfalls?

 It seems funny working on a job set in a beautiful part of Wales without going there and working on public transport at a time when it is being discouraged. But we've been reviewing and re-crunching data gathered during our last project in the "Waterfall Country" of the Brecon Beacons. The Waterfall Country contains the largest collection of significant waterfalls in the UK and consequently is an extremely popular tourist destination. Most visitors arrive by car and summer weekends and bank holidays sees vehicles parked in every available space causing obstruction problems for residents, farmers and other visitors alike. A few people cycle but public transport is non-existent. So what can you do? We've been looking at information we collected on visitor numbers, where they come from, when they arrive, how long they stay and what walks they do and what falls they see and we've been feeding this into a project by Martin Higgitt and Lee White to understand the potential for a Waterfalls Bus. In our previous work we'd stressed the importance of integrating parking controls, car park management, footpath strategy, signing and marketing. A bus could not be a stand-alone operation but would have to be integrated too. Unfortunately we don't think we'll be seeing one run this year!

TI brings cycle planning skills to Adur & Worthing 

In 2019 a draft LCWIP was prepared for Adur & Worthing, an area in West Sussex including two district councils. The initial study was undertaken by Sustrans and included a round of public consultation. In early 2020 Transport Initiatives was commissioned to analyse the high level of responses to the consultation, including comments on general walking and cycling issues, suggested routes and the overall LCWIP process. This was completed in a short time period to meet the council’s requirements. Based on our experience of network planning and knowledge of the local area, we revised the proposed walking and cycling interventions, taking into account both supportive and critical comments from the public and community groups. We have now been commissioned to produce a final version of the LCWIP allowing the councils and West Sussex County Council to move swiftly to implementation. This will include assessment of measures which could be introduced urgently as a response to the COVID pandemic and the potential increase in both driving and cycling.

We're working on this: Repurposing Roadspace in a Time of Coronavirus

Although traffic levels fell sharply during lockdown, they are now rising again. People walking have had to maintain physical distancing squeezed onto narrow footways, while the increased numbers of people cycling have had to cope with higher levels of speeding traffic. While many foreign cities are "just doing it", British highways legislation means it's not that simple here. But it is possible as many have shown, including Brighton & Hove City Council who introduced the first "Open Street” in the UK. The DfT has recently issued guidance on making urgent improvements to use empty road space to help people walking and cycling. Transport Initiatives' member Mark Strong, along with Adam Tranter, the Ranty Highwayman and Phil Jones has written a handy guide to what can be done which is at:

Mark has also written a blog piece for CIHT at:



Last Modified: 8 Jun 2020