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Transport Initiatives
Office 4, 145 Islingword Rd
Brighton BN2 9SH

Phone: 0845 345 7623
Mobile: 07725 466840

Twitter: @transportinit

Welcome to Transport Initiatives!

Transport Initiatives LLP is an independent transport planning consultancy, formed in 2005. Our four members all have strong in-depth knowledge of sustainable transport in general and cycling in particular.

We specialise in innovative ways of developing and promoting sustainable transport options, covering every step from initial strategies and audits to managing implementation and monitoring outcomes. Our clients include local authorities, national parks, development bodies, Government Departments, train operators and anyone else requiring practical and achievable sustainable transport solutions.

The Transport Initiatives team mainly developed their skills working in or for local authorities. They contributed to the work of Cycling England between 2005 and 2010. Our team are internationally recognised as being experts in their field.

Latest News: Harlow to Stanstead by bike

Transport Initiatives has been commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council to review potential cycle routes from the Lea Valley to Harlow, Bishop's Stortford and Stanstead Airport. Narrow roads, narrower footways, the presence of the M11 and constrictions on the Stort Navigation towpath mean that options are severely limited. While LCWIPs are supposedly broad stratgic documents proving that schemes will work comes down to the micro detail of particular pinch points. Luckily, if given enough coffee, Steve is quite happy to measure carriageway widths and spend time working out just where that "space for cycling" is going to come from. 

We're working on this: Against the flow in Cambridge

Transport Initiatives has been commissioned by Cambridge City Council to investigate the safety of contra-flow cycling on one way roads in the city. We'll be using our innovative mobile camera methods to study cyclists' interactions with motor vehicles, other cyclists and pedestrians on roads with no marked contra-flow lane. Previous work by TI suggests that cycling against the flow of general traffic shouldn't be a problem but it is nice to be given the chance to measure it properly. We'll also be seeking the experiences of local cyclists.



Last Modified: 28 Aug 2019