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Transport Initiatives
Office 4, 145 Islingword Rd
Brighton BN2 9SH

Phone: 0845 345 7623
Mobile: 07725 466840

Twitter: @transportinit

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Welcome to Transport Initiatives!

Transport Initiatives LLP is an independent transport planning consultancy, formed in 2005. Our five members all have strong in-depth knowledge of sustainable transport in general and cycling in particular.

We specialise in innovative ways of developing and promoting sustainable transport options, covering every step from initial strategies and audits to managing implementation and monitoring outcomes. Our clients include local authorities, national parks, development bodies, Government Departments, train operators and anyone else requiring practical and achievable sustainable transport solutions.

The Transport Initiatives team mainly developed their skills working in or for local authorities. They contributed to the work of Cycling England between 2005 and 2010. Our team are internationally recognised as being experts in their field.

South Essex Cycling & Walking Network Review

We are currently carrying out reviews of cycling and walking networks for South Essex Active Transport (Southend on Sea BC, Thurrock Council, Castle Point BC and Rochford DC). The study comprises Cycle Skills Network Audits of the main urban areas and audits of cycle parking and direction signing. Detailed walking audits using the Walking Route Assessment Tool from the Governmentís LCWIP guidance are also being undertaken in the two main centres of each council area. From these on-site and additional data audits a list of key interventions will be recommended. The Covid restrictions have made carrying out this work more difficult as, aside from the obvious health issues, traffic levels and driver behaviour have been affected. Site work is also more restricted and as a result we have had to rely more on internet mapping tools. 

Greenwich Cycling & Walking Network Review

In partnership with Urban Movement, Transport Initiatives was commissioned to carry out reviews of the cycling and walking networks in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. For the cycling review the first step was a Cycle Skills Network Audit (CSNA) with porosity analysis, mesh density analysis and identification of key routes. From this key interventions were identified. The walking analysis also used the CSNA as a base and included a more detailed analysis of key urban areas using the Walking Route Assessment Tool (WRAT) in the Governmentís LCWIP guidance. A basic analysis of walking permeability within areas was also undertaken and the combined findings used to identify a list of key interventions.





Longwick Transport Vision

Longwick in Buckinghamshire is a village on the Princes Risborough to Thame A road. The road has a narrow carriageway, narrow footways, the (mostly) 30mph speed limit is not universally observed and the one formal crossing appears to have been located at the place of minimum objections rather than maximum need. Normally in a case like this we'd have started with a drop-in session with maps, post-it notes, plenty of felt tip pens and lots of chat allowing all the residents to have their say. Unfortunately with Covid this is impossible and digital methods don't guarantee reaching the 'hard to reach'. So we've been trying to make use of all the village social networks to find everybody who has something to tell us, while at the same time undertaking physically distanced site visits and observations. The other big problem is that after a session measuring footway widths and recording other details in freezing fog the ideal place to further the research and warm up is in the local pub which is currently just not possible...

Eastbourne, safe cycling by the seaside 

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, TI has been working on proposals for emergency cycling & walking routes. In September 2020 we were commissioned by Bespoke Cycle Group (promoting safe cycling in Eastbourne) & Eastbourne UnLtd (Chamber of Commerce) to investigate the feasibility of a protected cycle track along the seafront. This was intended to help them respond to East Sussex County Councilís proposal to simply sign the road for cycling, which doesnít meet the standards in LTN1/20 and would be unlikely to lead to any significant increased use.

A high quality track here has been a long-standing aspiration for Eastbourne Borough Council and local groups since the 1994 Eastbourne Cycling Strategy (developed by TIís Mark Strong, then working for Sustrans).  Our proposals will provide safe and comfortable cycle access along the seafront, avoiding the narrow promenade where cycling is prohibited. The scheme comprises a two-way track on the seaward side of the road, to LTN1/20 standards. While this means a loss of some car parking (which is difficult for passengers to use), we showed this could be more than compensated for on side streets and in under-used council car parks. In addition, a small amount of work on the junctions could provide more parking while also improving crossings for pedestrians.

Clearly the next steps for this design are a matter for the relevant councils, particularly ESCC. However, we hope that the proposed design will be able to assist them in making informed decisions on the route. As Bespoke and Eastbourne UnLtd said, "Transport Initiatives and Phil Jones Associates have written a very clear and comprehensive report about cycling in Eastbourne. This will really help us to create a joined up, safe cycle route around the town; something we have been lobbying for, for over 24 years!Ē

Last Modified: 13 Apr 2021