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Transport Initiatives
Office 4, 145 Islingword Rd
Brighton BN2 9SH

Phone: 0845 345 7623
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Guidance on Cycling Projects and Topic Areas

TfL Workplace cycle parking guide

For several years members of Transport Initiatives have been providing expert guidance to local authorities and other bodies on a range of issues covering policy, infrastructure and soft measures on behalf of Cycling England as part of the Professional Support Service. Whilst authorities can no longer avail themselves of this service, Transport Initiatives can still offer the same skills to deliver cost effective project-specific analysis and recommendations.

Transport Initiatives has extensive experience of delivering technical guidance across a range of topics. These include drafting guidance for the DfT which informed LTN 2/08 Cycle Infrastructure Design. Until recently, Transport initiatives also provided the editor and principal author of the technical guidance for Cycling England's Design Checklist and Guidance. In addition, we have written several guidance documents for a number of authorities, including Transport for London. The subjects covered have included workplace cycle parking, guidance on cycle parking as part of new developments and a unique project to provide signs which support travel plans. For the latter we also sourced the manufacture and supply of the signs.

Cycle Parking

Guidance for cycle parking

Transport Initiatives has probably written more cycle parking guidance than any other consultancy. In addition to preparing general cycle parking guides for a number of local authorities it has also recently produced a unique work for a consortium of authorities that addressed the issue of residential cycle parking and in particular the swept path of a cyclist turning their bicycle.

Cycle Training

Cycle Routes - the award winning Magic Roundabout in York
Children in Dun Laoghaire enjoy a cycle training
course organised by TI

Whether you are a small or large organisation TI can help you introduce or develop your cycle training services, or just answer any queries you may have about training.
Since 2005 we have been working on behalf of the Department for Transport to develop, monitor and support National Standard training in the UK.
We are also currently managing the introduction of on-road training to the UK standard in the Republic of Ireland.
The clients we have helped range from UK and Irish local authorities to national organisations in New Zealand and France.

Bike Ability logo

Infrastructure and Other Technical Guidance

Transport Initiatives has considerable experience of preparing infrastructure guidance, having project managed and written the material that became known as Cycle Friendly Infrastructure 2 on behalf of the Department for Transport. Whilst this material was never published in this form it informed, and some was used directly in, LTN 2/08 Cycle Infrastructure design. This experience lead to a member of TI being invited to become a member of the international panel of experts assembled to review the Irish national Cycle Manual.

Pedestrian training

Cycle training instructors can quite easily be trained to deliver programmes of pedestrian training. Transport Initiatives has set up successful programmes of pedestrian training and can advise on how these can be structured and run. In addition to making young pedestrians safer training can be a useful introduction to the skills needed to be safer riders and later drivers.

Last Modified: 20 Sep 2018