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Transport Initiatives
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Travel Planning

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Cycling in Travel Plans

Bike/rail integration

Bike/rail integration
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At Transport Initiatives we recognise that trains and bicycles make natural partners for longer distance door-to-door journeys, commuting and other purposes. Often commentators and providers concentrate their attention on bike carriage on the trains, to the exclusion of other factors. These other factors are often more important in developing and encouraging cycling as part of the journey. They include secure parking at the station, anti-theft measures, clear information and improved access to stations.

Transport Initiatives has been at the forefront of best practice in this important area. We developed the Cycling Strategy for First Capital Connect. This included

  • proposals for cycle parking improvements at the 74 stations managed by FCC
  • measures to increase use of folding / second bicycles
  • promotion of cycling to and from FCC stations
  • signing and other information relating to cycling
  • liaison with local authorities and stakeholders

Our work contributed to FCC being named "Bike Rail Train Operator of the Year" in 2009.

Public Bike Hire

The success of the Barclays Bike Hire scheme in London has led other towns and cities to consider developing their own schemes. However, conditions in London are very different from those in the rest of the UK both in terms of cycle provision, existing cycling levels and attitudes to cycling by potential users.

Although a number of schemes have been started outside London, these have not thrived in the same way. At least one scheme, launched in Bristol as part of the Cycle City project, has closed. One of the contributing factors to this overall lack off success has been a low level of market research about potential usage.

Transport Initiatives has investigated public bike hire schemes including one in Brighton & Hove. Our work there involved the development of a localised matrix for site assessment, which we applied to 60 sites in the city. We also carried out a "mystery shopper" visit to the existing scheme in Blackpool. The development of public bike hire in a self-contained city, while informed by the scheme in London, has had to take account of very different local factors. The study has been welcomed locally and further work by the city council is ongoing.

School Travel Plan Workshops, Seminars and events

Sometimes you just don't have time to run everything you want to in the School Travel Plan (STP) programme, so having someone at Transport Initiatives take care of all the organising would be a great relief.

TI is experienced at devising, organising and running workshops that take schools and parents through the STP process: how to develop a travel plan and how to keep it going once it's in place.

Events can be time-sapping, so if you need a helping hand for all the organisational and practical aspects, we are here to help. We can take care of your communication and media requirements, leaving you to concentrate on higher level tasks.

School Travel Plan Projects and Monitoring

Once your schools have written their School Travel Plans (STPs), their real work begins. It is important for local authorities to see whether or not the schools are putting into practise what they have promised in their travel plan.
Transport Initiatives can help with the delivery of STP projects and also with monitoring progress. Schools need a helping hand and often Council officers are too busy to give them the individual attention they need to ensure that all the hard work can be translated into real improvements.

Whether it's collecting data from schools to see if anything has changed, writing reports for third parties, or helping schools with their projects, Transport Initiatives can offer reliable, high quality support.

Last Modified: 20 Sep 2018