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Transport Initiatives
Office 4, 145 Islingword Rd
Brighton BN2 9SH

Phone: 0845 345 7623
Mobile: 07725 466840

Twitter: @transportinit


Cycle User Maps

volunteer rangers
West London Academy cycle map
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Transport Initiatives has a different approach to cycle maps than many may be used to. We trust that cyclists who use maps can work out their own best route and we give them the information to help them choose it. Using information gathered in by means of Cycle Skills Network Audit, we produce maps that colour code all roads by the bikeability skill level needed to use them safely.

We also map useful paths, segregated facilities and pedestrian and cycle crossings, all of which are also colour coded in the same way as the roads. Users can then plot their most direct route to any destination on the map taking into account their own skill level.

We therefore believe in routes for cyclists rather than defined "cycle routes".

Last Modified: 20 Sep 2018