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Transport Initiatives
Office 4, 145 Islingword Rd
Brighton BN2 9SH

Phone: 0845 345 7623
Mobile: 07725 466840

Twitter: @transportinit

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Transport Initiatives and Liveable Neighbourhoods

On a wet early April day we accompanied Crawley Council on a tour of the Waltham Forest Liveable Neighbourhood as part of our work looking at cycling in Crawley. Here we have the obligatory "team photo" with everyone looking suitably enthusiastic despite the impending rain,   Details...

Feasibility Study for Guildford Bike Share

Working in partnership with Urban Movement we've been looking at the feasibility of bike share in Guildford. A small scheme based at the University of Surrey was launched summer 2018 which has had higher than expected use. We used our bike share experience to prepare a business case for funding, as well as developing outline proposals for docking station sites.   Details...

Northwest Active Travel Conference

The North West Active Travel Network conference in Manchester on 10th October featured Steve talking about access to town and city centres. From a historical and traffic management perspective his key message was that focussing on cheap and easy car access leads to the "strip mall" rather than the strong town centres that many policies believe.  


Steve & Rob along with Esther Jones from Support Staffordshire and Donna Hemus, our translator, have recently completed the Waterfall Country Tourist Traffic Management Study. This was a multi-faceted project bringing together footpath branding, altering the "product" and local buy-in to solve an ostensibly tourist parking problem.